Kairaranga was established in 1999 as a practice-focused journal for Resource Teachers: Learning & Behaviour (RTLB).  The journal was stewarded by the Ministry of Education before coming to Massey University in 2005.  Over the past two decades, the journal has foregrounded and celebrated educational practice in the area of Learning Support across Aotearoa. 

The online version of Kairaranga was launched in 2022, with the aim of making the journal open-access and free as a way of furthering the reach of the journal. The focus has been expanded to cover wider issues across learning support and equity in education as well as articles written in Te Reo Māori and those using the affordances of multi-media. While the journal continues to evolve, it retains the kaupapa of supporting and lifting educational practice in Aotearoa. 

Looking back to look forward: 

In the video below Alison Kearney, Massey University, interviews the original Kairaranga team of 4 RTLB, Cath Steeghs, Paul Mitchel, Graeme Nobilo and Carol Watts. They share stories of the creation of Kairaranga, the phases of the journal, and their vision for the future. The video looks back in acknowledgement of the people and past process of Kairaranga.   

With gratitude to the original team of 4, the treasures of the past continue on into the future. The heart and soul of Kairaranga remains - to create equitable educational outcomes for all.  

Weaving educational threads. Weaving educational practice.